1-208-252-6904 • TTY 711
Mon-Sat 8 AM - 8 PM EST
1-208-252-6904 • TTY 711
Mon-Sat 8 AM - 8 PM EST

You’re all set!

Now all you have to do is follow these three steps.

1. Expect a call from our agent concierge

What is an agent concierge?
Our agent concierge team is responsible for connecting people like yourself with a licensed insurance agent.
What do I need for my call?
Your Medicare10 advocate is going to ask you for your Medicare ID Number, so you will want to have your Medicare card handy. Other important things you may want to gather include a list of doctors you see and the medications you use, your Medicaid ID card (if you have one), and information about the healthcare plans you currently have.
What if I can’t take a call right now?
That’s okay! We want to talk with you when you’re ready to prioritize your healthcare. If that isn’t right now, we’ll give you a few more calls in the coming days. Plus, you’re always free to give us a call at 1-208-252-6904.

2. We will match you with a Medicare10 advocate

What is a Medicare10 advocate?
Our Medicare10 advocates are licensed insurance agents who have been helping people in your community with their healthcare coverage. They represent multiple healthcare providers, so they can help find the best options for you.
How will the Medicare advocate know what plans I am eligible for?
Our advocate team has access to world-class software, which compares many healthcare plans and healthcare carriers at once.  This gives you an excellent opportunity to find a plan with the right benefits in the right budget.
What makes a Medicare10 advocate different from any other insurance agent?
They care! Our mission is to improve healthcare outcomes for every person we speak with. We want to fit the healthcare plan to your unique situation so you can have the best options for your future.

3. Join the Medicare10 revolution

What is the Medicare10 revolution?
We are obsessed with improving healthcare outcomes and that does not stop with finding you the right healthcare plan. We see way too many people under-utilize their plan and our goal is to change that. The revolution is not to just help you pick your coverage, but to help you use it, too!
What if I have questions?
Give us a call and we will be happy to answer all of your questions. Medicare10 is here for your entire healthcare journey, and if you have a question on a plan benefit or if you need to update coverage, we want to be there to support you. Just give us a call at 1-208-252-6904!